Scarlett (DPS and Physbones)

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PC Model ONLY!!!!

Main Features:

  • Package includes 3 different Skin tones as well as a DPS and non DPS version of each
  • Clothing Toggles For: Crop Top, Tank Top, Sporty Top, Sweater, Hoodie, Bra, Panties, Bikini Top, Bikini Bottoms, Ripped Pants, Buckle Shorts, Booty Shorts, Yoga Pants, Thigh Highs, Socks and Shoes
  • Accessories Toggles: Gloves, Nipple Piercings, Pasties, Choker, Ripped Pants Belt and Bikini Opacity
  • Body Sliders for; Boobs Bigger, Boobs Smaller, Thicc, Butt Bigger, Pregnant Belly and “Flooded Belly”
  • Lewd Degen Toggles include: C Inflation (with sound~), Womb Tattoo, Mouth “Cream” Toggles on with Peace Sign, Bone Gag, an animated Ahegao Face and a came on decal
  • Contact receivers so that both Ass Cheeks can be slapped as well as the left cheek on her face can be slapped. You can also toggle on a head pat receiver that will make her ears wiggle and tail wag
  • Toggles for 3 different hairstyles, 2 long ones and 1 short style
  • Toggles to remove Ears and Tail, as well as make her human ears disappear and her Tail Wag
  • Toggle for hair to swap between a black and white base, as well as sliders for 2 different hair emission strengths, one that covers the entire hair and one that only covers the ends, also a radial for hue shift and a toggle for RGB Mode
  • Radial Sliders for Body Specular Reflections as well as a toggle to swap between the new Poiyomi Skin Lighting and Toon Lighting
  • Hot Breath Particles toggle on when doing Peace sign gestures
  • DPS Features include a PP that can go from being limp to being hard on a radial slider that will swap to a penetrator version when at 100% as well as a separate slider for the PP’s Size
  • DPS Orifices Included are: Oral, Right HJ, Left HJ, Vaginal, Anal, Assjob, Boobjob, Left Steppies, Right Steppies, Feetjob, Rubbing and Thighjob. Model only has 4 light on it though thanks to Fluff
  • Mouth DPS has throat bulge and there’s a toggle to turn on a belly bulge for when a penetrator goes into the pussy or ass
  • Toggle for a Dildo in the left hand which is also a penetrator
  • Non DPS Version still has PP it just doesn’t turn into a penetrator when at 100%

Other Features:

  • Menu’s also have a bunch of completely custom icons made by me for various different toggles
  • Fullbody Tracking Compatible and Tested
  • Locomotion Fixes
  • Physbones fully setup, no dynamic bones what so ever

Video Showing off all the toggles:


Unity 2019.4.31f1

Latest VRChat SDK Acquired from their website: (VRCSDK3-AVATAR-2022. was the version used when making the model)

Raliv DPS Dynamic Penetration System V1.31

Latest Poiyomi Pro needed for DPS Version. Toon can be used for the non DPS version (model was made with poi_pro_7.3.50-8.1.085)

Important! Terms of Use:

  1. Do not upload any of my avatars as public!
  2. Do not leak, trade, resell or rip any package. Do not send avatar packages to friends or significant others you may however ask for permission to upload her to a significant others account
  3. You may use my models for content creation of any kind, however you must provide some form of credit in some way shape or form, be it a link to my social media or a link to the avatar itself, additionally you are not allowed to tag any nsfw photos or videos with any tags related to vrc as this puts both myself and you at risk
  4. Please do not chargeback on Gumroad. As these are digital goods, they cannot be returned. If you have an issue, contact me directly. Doing this hurts creators
  5. If you are found to be involved in any leaking/ripping groups, servers, sites, etc, you will be banned from purchasing models from me in the future, as well as from Lily's Discord server and my discord server if I end up making one in the future.
  6. Once a purchase is made there are no refunds, all purchases are final
  7. You must provide your correct discord account and your VRChat name when purchasing my models, neglecting to do so may result in me banning you from purchasing any models from me in the future
  8. And most importantly DO NOT take any of the assets from my model and use them on your own unless you purchase the originals first, however some assets are heavily edited and cannot be used without my permission.

Scarlett Credits:

(you are not allowed to reuse or take any of the assets from the model unless you purchase them from their original creators, some assets however have been heavily edited by me or a friend and they are not allowed to be used unless you get permission from me)

Body: Panda’s Female Base (Edited and Resculpted by Jinny, Livid Lilly and Me. Not Allowed to Reuse Edit. Jinny: Livid Lily: )

Head: Starlynn's Anime-Styled Head Heavily Edited and Resculpted by Me Not Allowed to Reuse Edit
Eye Texture: kri#1214

 Long Hair 1: XOXO Hair By illume#2788

 Long Hair 2: Groogle Hair by Google#9749
Short Hair: Hair Lucy by Shugan

Bra and Panties: Floral Lingerie By ImLeXz#1234

Bikini Top: See-Thru Bikini By paraa#6969
Bikini Bottoms: Moth Panties by Ameriplexem

Sweater by Vampi#1911

Hoodie from Goth Outfit by ElizaByteVR (no longer sold)

Crop Top: Ripped Crop Top by velvet#0888 (no longer sold)
Tank Top: Metal Tee Tank Top by darvulia#0117

Sporty Top: Yui’s Outfit by Itz Q

Ripped Pants by B o o#8584

Buckle Shorts by 에블린#0001/Blurrys ✙

 Booty Shorts by HoloExe

Yoga Pants: Yoga Workout Outfit by Pursu#6500

 Socks/Thigh Highs: Basic Thigh Highs by Len#1000

Shoes: "Spades" Unisex High-Top Sneakers by PokerBlunders

Ears: Floppy Ears by Synestria VI#1191 by Cheese#1234

Tail, Choker and Nipple Piercings by Cupkake
Pasties: Holly’s X Pasties by Holly
Bone Gag by Chantel#0001

Tongue by OniiGirii#5977

“Man Juice” By YudaJuda

 PP is the Hotdog Dick from smutbase heavily edited and rigged by Skuny#0087  

Moan particle made for me by my friend bunky#0001

Smack Decal Commissioned from @MadiKaname (Not Allowed to Reuse)
Hair Textures by Wetcat#6969
Locomotion FIX by WetCat, AlcTrap, Dj Lukis.LT, INYO and Gireison

DPS Setup with the help of Fluffs Toolbox a tool I highly recommend checking out

Various things like editing the parameters and cleaning up the package were helped by Rafa’s Av3Creator another tool I definitely recommend

Body Texture Edited by Ying#6669 Edited by Me

Cut Nails Texture also by Ying#6669

Jelly Toy by SomethingRed

Hair Textures Used:

Eye Textures by kri#1214

Various Miscellaneous Icons From:




Womb Tattoo also by Uni#1369

Special thanks to Fallen#0115 and Goth#6966 for helping me with photos and videos

RedONI#4570 for editing and lending his voice to the first showcase video

and heykimber#1234 for the amazing rendered pictures of my avi and gestures

Also thankyou to my brother XirrenZen for helping me with alot of the blender work, this model wouldn't exist without him


This avatar as well as all of my future avatars are legally protected, if any of my TOU is broken I will be filing a DMCA

I want this!

All Purchases are final, no refunds will be given

Due to the nature of this product being digital no refunds will be given

Last updated May 16, 2023

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Scarlett (DPS and Physbones)

184 ratings
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